Sunday, May 07, 2006

Voice of India
Our brave soldiers have encircled the intruders at the Tiger Hill and other hilltops in the
Kargil, Dras and Batalik sector, and soon the enemy shall meet a dog's death.
The mountain ridges and gorges are resounding with cries and wails of the insurgents
on one hand and on the other with the victory slogans & ‘BHARAT MATA KI JAI
of the Indian jawans. The intruders shall meet the inevitable as there is no escape now.
They have played foul and have violated the Geneva Convention by savage and barbaric
treatment of our soldiers who died while trying to oust them. We shall not let them do such
inhuman acts with impunity. This dastardly act has transformed every Indian
into a gladiator - it is question of " do or die" now. Soon shall these sneakers
become their own grave - diggers, Kargil sector shall become another
Kurukshetra. The horrors we shall inflict on the guilty will haunt them for decades.
And very soon shall our brave soldiers show them " the writing on the wall".

A country that learns nothing from its past soon crumbles and
disappears from the world map. Threats are made by cowards;
and by those who fly with "borrowed" wings, we Indians are not afraid of
'Nukes' and 'Ghauris'. Let them try and watch the holocaust.
Nero was playing on the harp when Rome was burning.
The Pakistani leaders might flee from their Country and watch the
"horrendous circus" from a distant country.
It is still time that sanity should prevail and prevent the lunatics
from indulging in any mischief. The entire world is watching the war
being fought at the highest terrain in the world, and they know who is guilty


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